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Residential care

Residential care is delivered by our well-trained care staff, supported by a team of domestic, kitchen and activities staff. Care is available round the clock and tailored to individual requirements. This type of care is best for people who do not need 24-hour nursing care or specialist care.

Walk into any Greensleeves Care home and you will find a home from home. Whether it’s an older manor house or newly purpose-built, you will find a warm and welcoming atmosphere, great staff and well-equipped accommodation. The care home is the resident’s home.

Residents, family and friends are always encouraged to be involved in home life so they feel part of the team.

Eden Alternative

Our particular care philosophy (see Eden Alternative) ensures residents continue to enjoy life to the full.

For our residents, it is important that the essence of their lives continues and so our approach to providing individualised care requires us to really get to know and understand each person.  Therefore, a full assessment is undertaken to help provide the best possible care and support. Personal preferences are always at the forefront of our thoughts and actions.

Individual care plans are created to ensure that each individual’s wellbeing is taken into account and appropriate care and support is given to the resident that reflects their individual needs.

We know the value and importance of having the right people so we pay great attention to staff selection – see Our Care section.


Care coordination

Each home works closely with local healthcare professionals and specialists (GPs, community nurses, opticians, chiropodists etc.) to ensure that a resident’s health and well-being are maintained.



Maintaining a healthy interest in life is a key part of staying healthy. So we offer a full schedule of entertainments, hobbies and activities to keep life fun, engaging and enjoyable. Residents’ wishes are also at the forefront of the development of our activities programme. We make sure that there is always something for everyone!



Our approach to the importance of mealtimes is outlined in Our Care summary above. The importance of a delicious and well balanced menu cannot be overstated when it comes to having a positive impact on wellbeing.