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Our care

Our approach to care is a very simple one. We care for our residents as we care for our friends. We carefully select our staff based on their experience and expertise and, crucially, their commitment and enthusiasm for providing great care.

This means the values and attitudes of our staff are consistent with our commitment to promoting independence and choice for our residents and the highest quality care and support. So no matter what service you choose, everyone will find the experience positive, everyone is recognised as a valued member of the community, both inside our homes and outside in the wider community.


Good food that is nutritional and, more importantly, delicious is at the heart of our care. Meals times are also a social highlight, a time for people to get together and catch up.

At all our care homes, we provide three, great tasting, balanced meals every day that are freshly cooked on the premises. There are also snacks available 24-hours a day for residents and their visitors.

We cater for different tastes and there is always plenty of choice at each mealtime. The views of our residents are important and we welcome feedback when developing our menus.

We add to the social experience through specific events and occasions, themed menus and celebrating the cultural diversity of our residents, their families and friends.

Our chefs are carefully chosen, not just for their culinary talents and skill, but for their commitment to make a positive difference in the lives of everyone in our homes.